Beverage Menu

All pricing is subject to Maryland Sales and Alcohol Tax and a 20% Service Charge. All items are subject to availability (inclusive of house wines). Prices are subject to change. During larger events or cocktail hours you may wish to have drinks served from a bar set into your room or in the garden. Please note there is a minimum set-up fee of $150.00 per bar which includes one bartender for the duration of your event. Additional bartenders can be added at a rate of $75 per bartender and are recommended for events for groups of 50 or more in order to reduce wait times. Please note any beverages, other than pitchers or punch bowls that are served in our garden area require a bar set up. In accordance with Montgomery County law, food must be served while alcohol is being served.

The Perfect Fit for Every Occasion

Mrs. K’s is comprised of areas that have the ability for a bar set up into the room and areas where the bar is already built in. We carry hundreds of varietals of wines that will not break the budget to some of the highest quality vintages expected by a connoisseur. Our unique selection of distilled spirits allow for signature and craft cocktails to some of the more popular combinations.

Beverage Service by Consumption

This type of billing is paying per drink. You can set up your event to offer distilled spirits under the categories of House, Premium or Top shelf beverages. We also offer Local, Craft, Domestic and Import beers as well as Champagnes, Wines and Sparkling Wines. Juices also fit into this category. Be sure to check with our Catering Team for Details and prices.

Flat Rate • Open Bar

Flat Rate bars are the best alternatives for offering alcohol without worrying about the final bill. All pricing is per person and based on the guaranteed final headcount given in advance to your catering team member. With this option you know the alcohol bill before the event begins by setting the types of alcohol and the amount of time that you will offer the bar. What makes this option unique is it includes unlimited juice and lemonade as well. Be sure to ask for details and pricing.

How To Budget for Juices, Wines, Champagne, Beer and Distilled Spirits

There are many ways to limit alcohol and yet still offer an option to your guests with even the most frugal of budgets. To begin with, the first decision is whether to offer it on a Cash Bar basis (paid by the individual guest or having it host paid, by adding to your final bill. If you have decided to have your event with the alcohol and juice added to your bill here are some different ways to set up your selections without breaking the budget…

Setting Limits on Quantity

This is probably the most simple way to offer alcohol without breaking the budget. First, by limiting consumption to House Wine and/or Beer you are removing potential taste-testing by guests of specialty drinks that can become costly. In addition, keeping in mind there are typically four glasses per bottle of wine, you can set the maximum amount of bottles for wine and beer.

Wine Punch • Sangria • Mimosa • Mojitos

While many of the more sugary beverages tend to increase the thirst level of your guests, you can still have fun by adding some refreshing types of wine punch and limiting how many gallons you would like to offer ahead of time.

Half Pour Champagne Toast

Often we find brides are hesitant in adding to the cost of a champagne or sparkling wine toast at their event. There are ways of cheering on the new couple or celebrating by adding a half pour of champagne or sparkling cider. If your budget is still too tight, no worries. Sparkling cider toasts are a great alternative.

A final note on beverage service of any kind: Mrs. K’s will serve responsibly and upholds all state and federal regulations regarding the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Please remind those guests who look under the age of thirty, that they should carry a valid form of identification. We reserve the right to card and will refuse service to anyone not presenting a valid ID. If at any time a guest appears to be intoxicated we reserve the right to refuse service to that guest or those who may be contributing to their intoxication. If you have any questions, please contact our catering team.