The Big Day

The day has arrived. You are ready to walk down and begin a new life. Upstairs in what was formally a Tollhouse Bedroom, we have a room that is perfect for the last-minute preparations before the wedding begins. This room is complimentary for all brides who are having their wedding ceremonies with us and available up to 1 hour prior. Reservations and advance notice for this room is required. Be sure to let our catering team know the time you plan to arrive. Subject to Availability.

Helpful Hints To Prepare for your Big Day

Quite often we have brides who choose not to hire a wedding Coordinator. Realistically, you should evaluate your work schedule, the amount of detail that you are deciding upon, and the amount of free time you have to dedicate to pulling it all together. For some, they only really need a “Day-of-the-Event” type of coordinator. If you decide to hire a coordinator, please be sure to have them contact us well in advance to prepare with our Catering Team.

If you are the DIY type, here are some helpful hints to prepare for your Big Day:

1. Get an organizer: Use this to keep all of your contracts, information about your vendors and details for each.

2. Find out what your vendors will be wearing: There’s nothing worse than a photographer or DJ showing up in jeans or worse.

3. Try using an online RSVP system for gathering your invitees. While we still love the snail mail approach, quite often people forget to mail them back… you don’t want to run into unexpected guests and no extra seats.